CEP Course: Fundamentals of Surfactants, Emulsions, and Polymers in Cosmetic Formulation


The course with be informative and interactive to ensure that you learn, and more importantly, remember what was presented. We will utilize quizzes during the course, along with live participant Q&A.


Surfactant Fundaments

  • Classification of surfactants
  • CMC
  • Kraftt Point, Cloud Point
  • Surface and Interface Properties
  • Self-Assembly

Emulsion Fundaments

  • Classification of emulsions
  • Steps to make an emulsion
  • Emulsion instability mechanisms and stability enhancement
  • Emulsifiers and HLB

Polymers Fundaments

  • Formation of polymers-polymerization reactions
  • Classification of polymers-thermosets, thermoplastics, polyetctrolytes
  • Molecular weight and molecular weight distribution, glass transition temp
  • Polymer solution properties

- In addition to the live instruction and Q&A, attendees will also have access to a full replay of the course for two weeks following the live course dates.

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