Frontiers of Science Award
Keynote Lecture

Scott A. Jackson, PhD

Group Leader - Complex Microbial Systems at the 
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Scott is leading efforts to improve microbiome and metagenomic measurements by organizing inter-lab studies, developing reference materials and reference methods, and developing in vitro tools that allow us to better understand microbial community resilience and evolution.



Henry Maso Award
Keynote Lecture

Tom Szaky

Chief Executive Officer at Terracycle

A world-renowned entrepreneur, business leader, innovator and public speaker, Tom oversees one of the world’s few green multinational companies. Through TerraCycle, Tom has pioneered a range of business models that engage manufacturers, retailers and consumers in recycling products and packaging that would otherwise be destined for landfill or incineration.





Samiul Amin

Natnael Behabtu

Daphne Benderly

Robert Bird

Jakob Bredsguard

Mark Chandler

Howard Epstein

Fengqiu Fan

Michael Fevola

Edit Filaire

Seren Frantz

Allison Garlet

Yingxia He

Robert Hu

Vincent Hubiche

Scott Jackson

George John

Hubert Lam

Robert Lochhead

Paul Lawrence

Lyndsayy Leal

Jasmine Leong

Richard Leroux

Philip Ludwig

Jennifer Macary

Camille Martin

Stephen McSpadden

Stanley Milstein

Nicholas Monsul

Fred Ortiz

Tom Szaky

Dawn Thiel


Laurie Verzeaux


Liping Zhao






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