Join us for the week of June 21-25, 2021 as the SCC presents a series of online CEP courses concentrating on four key areas in the development of a cosmetic product: raw materials, formulating for the delivery of active ingredients, prototype development and testing, and scale up and manufacturing. This exciting week of education will end with a panel seminar on Friday focused on claims substantiation of finished cosmetic products.


Quick links for SCC Education Week:

Understanding how to use the SCC Education Week virtual platform



Step 1: Landing Page

Navigate to the SCC Education Week event landing page (
Click on the green 'Login' button to gain access to the virtual platform.





Step 2: Credentials

To gain access, you'll be asked for your email address tied to your registration record. Please note: your email address is your unique login credential. Only one person per credential can be logged in to the virtual platform at a time. 





Step 3: Exterior Lobby

When you've successfully logged in, you'll be redirected to the event's exterior lobby (which looks alot like the outside of a convention center). To enter the event, click on the building.





Step 4: Interior Lobby

The black bar, located at the very top of the page, has an email address to Tech Support ( Any technical related issues, please use that email address.

The green bar of navigation tabs is how you'll move from room to room within the virtual platform.
The green doors are also available as navigation tools, but many of them will lead you off of the virtual platform, except the Auditorium doors.


Step 5: Auditorium

To begin watching the live presentations, you need to enter the Auditorium, by using either the green doors or the navigation tab labeled auditorium. Once inside, click on the middle screen to join.





Step 6: Live Presentations

The presentations are categorized by track and then by day & time. Depending on your registration type, you will see either two or three tabs. If you purchased the Full Education Week, you will tabs for the NextGen Track, Advanced Track and the Bonus Seminar & Networking Event. If you purchased a specific track, then you will only see that track and the Bonus Seminar & Networking Event.

When Live presentations are ready to start, a 'Join' button will appear. Clicking this button takes you directly into the Zoom Webinar. If a presentation is not ready to start, there will be a count down clock of when the presentation is set to begin.

When the presentation is over, in approx. 2 days, that 'Join' button will turn into a 'Watch' button - allowing you to watch the recorded presentation you missed.

For your convenience, PDF copies of presentation slides will be available for download beneath each course listing in the live presentations view.


Step 7: Trivia Contest

On the last day of the event, after the BONUS SEMINAR, you are invited to join us for a fun industry networking activity to close out the week. We'll have trivia contests, talk about the SCC's 75th anniversary, and provide attendees with a chance to meet and interact with each other in smaller video chat rooms.
To participate in the trivia game, you'll need to download the Kahoot! app on your mobile device. Downloading is simple and free:

  • On your phone, visit the place where you download new apps (for Apple users it's called the App Store; for Android users it's called Google Play Store)
  • Search for Kahoot
  • Click and download the app (its the one with the purple background and white K! in the icon)



Quick Notes:

  • The Networking tab is for you to use if you want to instantly chat with other attendees. This is where you can direct message each other thoughout the event.
  • The Lounge tab takes you to a room where we house our social media links and a way for you to join the Networking Event
  • The Information Desk tab takes you to a room where you can become a member, renew your membership, contact us and more.









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